Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan

For a Mumbaikar..
1. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada are all the same.

2. We all feel the inflation when there is a hike in the Vada Pav prices.

3. We call everyone “boss/bro/dude”.

4. Mumbaikar inventions : cutting chai, manchaw soup 1 by 2.

5. One God : Tendulkar

6. Bandra has more stars than the universe.

7. In Mumbai, not one day goes without rejection of taxiwala/rickshawwala.
The probablity of a yes from a girl is more than a yes from them.

8. The Ganpati dance on Nashik dhol is the ultimate dance form.

9. If you shout “Ganpati Bappa”, you’ll definitely hear “Morya” in return. 100 %.

10. Boarding a Virar or a Karjat bound train from Dadar is more difficult than getting into IIT/IIM.

11. Esselworld = Disneyland
Marine Drive = Heaven

12. Girls from Kashmir have beauty, girls from Kerala have brains.
Girls in Mumbai: kuch ho na ho, attitude ki koi kami nahi.

13. We all know the value of one minute when it comes to taking a train.

Zara hatke zara bachke
Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan….

Broadcast this and be proud to be a part of this city of dreams…Aamchi Mumbai Mi MumbaikarÓźÖ