Why Johny Gets a Black Eye Everyday?

Teacher : What’s Wrong..??
Johny : Our House Is Very
Me, My Mum & My Dad, We
Sleep On The Same Bed.
Every Night My Dad Asks,
‘Johny Are You Sleeping..??’
Then I Say No & Then He Slaps
My Face & Gives Me A Black
Teacher : Tonight When Your
Dad Asks Again, Keep Dead
Quiet & Don’t Answer.
The Next Morning Johny
Comes Back With A Severe
Black Eye Again.
Teacher : My Goodness Why
The Black Eye
Johny : Dad Asked Me Again,
Johny Are You
& I Shut Up & Kept Dead Still.
Then My Dad & My Mom
Started Moving,
You Know, At The Same Time
Mum Was Breathing Eratically,
Kicking Her Legs Up
Frantically & Squealing Like A
Hyena On The Bed.
Then My Dad Asked My Mum,
Are You Cuming..??
Mum Said, Yes I’m Cuming, Are
You Cuming Too..??
Dad Answered : Yes.
They Don’t Usually Go
Anywhere Without Me
So I Said,
Wait For Me, I’m Also