What to do if a Tiger Attacks

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Recently 19 year young boy was killed by a tiger in Delhi Zoo in front of many people.

God has given us six sense, we should feel ashamed for this incident. Because our education system didn’t teach us how to escape from such wild animal if we get trapped like this. Our system is just making us by heart things and vomit in exam. We have been taught only to get first rank, get good job and to earn more and more money. It doesn’t teach us how to respect others, help others, respect family and many other basic things for life.

We all were very much upset and searching for solution, how he could have been saved. He was mentally retarded and as he had fight with his mother for not going for any work. He jumped from fence outside and fell into that tiger pool 10 feet. There were many people even zoo guards were around, sad part is no one knows how to save him from that tiger.

In first 10 mins tiger didn’t even attack him, that shows it was not hungry. The spectators were throwing stones and things over it that irritated the animal and worst part is a guy was shooting it in his mobile without trying anything. PFB for some details that teacher wrote it in tamil:

1. He was sitting in front of tiger, instead he could have stand so that tiger think he is taller than him and dangerous to attack him.

2.  He could have hit the tiger in eyes with his elbow strongly which could make tiger to out of control and he could have use that time to come out of that area.

3.  He could have taken some mud and throw it in tiger’s eyes.

4.  Anyone from crowd could have taken off his shirt and put fire on it and throw it in front of that guy, as every animal will afraid of fire and it would have run away.

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People, the tiger videos hv been doing rounds since that tragedy. But this is for the first time something solution oriented has come. This is very very imp that we u/stand how such tragedies can be averted. One feels safe wen equipped with the right kind of info associated with dangerous situations. Disaster management has its importance.