The wife offers to make her husband a drink

A newly wed couple are out at a bar having a drink on their honeymoon.

The wife offers to make her husband a drink and asks the bartender to give a salt shaker, a shot of Baileys’ Irish Cream and a shot of lime juice.

She then asks her husband to first put some salt in his mouth, then immediately take the shot of Baileys’ with the shot of lime juice and hold it and count to 3 before drinking it down.

The husband does that and within a second a sharp taste of lime and salt hits him. In 2 seconds, the Baileys’ curdles & in 3 seconds, his mouth is filled with a salty mucous-like sour substance.

This triggers a gag reflex in him. But trying to be manly, he swallows the now foul tasting drink & smiles and says to his wife, “Great Stuff! What the fuck do you call that drink that you made me have?”

She smiles wickedly and says, “Blow Job Revenge!”