The Punjabi Way of Living Life

Punjabi Tip # 01
If it isn’t a Patiala peg, it isn’t a drink!

Punjabi Tip # 02:
When we say Cloney, we don’t mean George Clooney. It might mean Defence Cloney!

Punjabi Tip # 03:
A Punjabi wedding without alcohol will always have a drinks-car parked outside!

Punjabi Tip # 04:
If you’re Punjabi, you definitely know at least one Sweety, Sunny,
Tony, Jassi or Honey!

Punjabi Tip # 05:
No party is …complete, till people start dancing & singing to ‘saadi
rail gaadi aae’!

Punjabi Tip # 06:
Butter Chicken, Butter Naan and Butter Milk – Three course meal for a Punjabi!

Punjabi Tip # 07:
Tandoori Chicken, the National Bird of Punjab!

Punjabi Tip # 08:
‘Oye, Koyi nahi yaar’ is our reply to ‘Shit Happens’!

Punjabi Tip # 09:
If we use MC / BC more than 5 times in one sentence with you, we
probably love you!

Punjabi Tip # 10:
The only people who proudly call themselves ‘Amplifiers’ and their
girlfriends ‘Woofers’

Punjabi Tip # 11:
5 things Punjabi would have – Bullet (bike), Jutti, Ray Bans, Jeep and Woofers

Punjabi Tip # 12:
It doesn’t matter if you are from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
or Bangalore; we think you’re a ‘Madarasi’

Punjabi Tip # 13:
You know you’re Punjabi when your nickname at home is ‘Ullu de Patthe’
or ‘Khote de Puttar’

Punjabi Tip # 14:
Canada & UK – Part of Punjab.

Punjabi Tip # 15:
P is for ‘Panj Mint’ and no matter how near or far a Punjabi is from
you, he always says he’ll reach in ‘Panj Mint’! (5 minutes)