Alok Nath mistaken

Bahu : I am going to supermarket Aloknath: Take my sanskaar Bahu: Bas kar na laude Aloknath: Arre I mean my son’s car! -×-×-×-×-×-× Alok Nath suppports Lesbian weddings because there he can do Kanyadan from both sides..

New Alok Nath Jokes

Aloknath doesn’t give bribes at government offices……he offers dowry. Alok Nath once entered Pizza Hut & started ringing the bell continuously. He was stopped by people explaining it is not a temple. AlokNath ‘s perfect PARTY idea: Antakshri with family, Passing the pillow game with Samdhan Ji followed by Ram Katha and Kirtan. Aloknath Once