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Different Nationalities, Different Reactions, Different Consequences

The briefcase & the miniskirt : Different Nationalities, Different Reactions, Different Consequences…..                                  😜Tokyo, Japan A man was walking past a young girl, when a jagged edge of his briefcase accidentally tore her mini skirt. Before the man could apologize, the girl bowed deeply, and said,“I humbly apologize for this error. The quality of my […] Continue reading →

English and Hindi always Contradict

English and Hindi always Contradict… English:The sooner the better… Hindi: Jaldi ka kaam shaitaan ka hota hai… English: Think of the devil, and the devil is here… Hindi: Badi lambi umar hai tumhari, abhi tumhe hi yaad kar rahe the… English: Don’t wait, fight for your rights… Hindi: Sabr ka fal meetha hota hai… English: […] Continue reading →

Two Questions for the lawmakers of our country

A Man’s RTI petition: Dear Sir, I have two questions for the lawmakers of our country… 1.  If the legal age of a man to get sexually active is 18 years and the legal age for him to get Married is 21… then what are we actually suggesting he should do these 3 years??? 2.  […] Continue reading →

Everything should be in Balance

God was in the process of creating the universe. And he was explaining to his subordinates ‘Look everything should be in balance. For example, after every 10 deer there should be a lion. Look here my fellow angels…. Here is the country of the United States . I have blessed them with prosperity and money. […] Continue reading →