The Wish Granting Frog

A family is driving in their car on a holiday. A frog crosses the road and the husband, who is driving, is able to stop the car. He gets out an takes the frog and carries him to the side of the road. Frog is grateful, thanks the man, and tells him that he will

Married couple joke collection

Super msg of the day …. “If newly weds are called “Love Birds”.. What do you call the couples married for years??………….>> ”Angry Birds”? -×-×-×-×-×-×-×-×-×-×- Khatarnak solution — Wife ne apni Maa ko fon kiya: Mammi mera un se jhagda ho gya hain, main 3-4 mahino k liye ghar aa rahi hu…. Ab DIL tham