When Bobby Darling was born Doctor said

When Bobby Darling was born, Doctor said “Mubarak ho, Dhokha hua hai” When Ekta Kapoor was born, doctor said “Mubarak ho. Mubarak ho. Mubarak ho. Kon hua jaanne ke liye dekhiye agla episode”.                      When Manmohan Singh was born, Sholay was playing on the hospital TV, and AK Hangal said…..”Itna sannata kyun hai bhai?”.                    When prabhudeva

Alok Nath the reason for Rajnikanth’s Existence

This one is ultimate n should end all the debate n jokes once for all……. Once Alok Nath was returning from Kanyadaan ceremony in a BEST bus. As he was too tired to stand, he looked for seat but didn’t got any. However he got one with the help of a bus conductor. Alok gave