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John Oliver Stand Up

John Oliver, comedian and television host, known as the host for HBO’s Last Week Tonight and former correspondent on The Daily Show with John Oliver, brings his political comedy to Montreal. Continue reading →

Jen Kirkman Stand Up

Jen Kirkman, comedian, actor and author of the New York Times bestseller I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids, brings her comedic observations to Montreal Continue reading →

Dave Coulier Stand Up

Dave Coulier, comedian and actor, best known for his role as Joey Gladstone on the hit ABC sitcom “Full House” and on the Netflix relaunch “Fuller House”, brings his hilarious impersonations to Montreal. Continue reading →

Joe DeRosa Stand Up

Joe DeRosa, comedian, actor and co-author of the book Cheat: The Man’s Guide to Infidelity with fellow comedians Bill Burr and Robert Kelly, brings his comedy stylings to Montreal. Continue reading →