THE GENERAL FUN GAME SHOW with Kaneez Surka Feat. Kenny Sebastian, Naveen Richard and Urooj Ashfaq

‘A show where anything can happen and anything does happen.’ THE GENERAL FUN GAME SHOW is a gameshow that is fun and general. This month – watch the three new sexy contestants, Kenny Sebastian, Naveen Richard and Urooj Ashfaq compete for the title ‘Most General Fun Person’

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Archies, Chacha Chaudhary & Tinkle

Unlike his stand up, Chai time is a live vlog show where Kenny sits down with a cup of tea with an intimate audience and has a casual conversation about the things that pick his brain. In this video, He talks about his first love comic books which was a key part of his childhood.

Vikram Poddar Standup Comedy Squint, Lasik and ATM Screens

Life with a squint can get pretty freaky especially when doing audience interaction. Check out Investment Banker turned Standup Comedian Vikram Poddar’s take on life with Visual disabilities AKA Vision 20/02. Add Lasik surgery and ATM screens to this mix and we have a whole new comedy situation