Story of Arpita Khan (Salman Khans sister)

There was a lady beggar, on footpath..she was very very ill…a person used to walk daily and give food to that lady,she had a little daughter.

Then one day when that man was on his regular walk,he saw that ..lady was no more,she died and her little daughter was crying….he just held the hand of that girl and carried her home. He nourished that girl, gave her education, made her self-dependent, and now he is going to give her life long happiness! !!!!……..marriage! !!!!!


That girl is Arpita Khan

Did you know Arpita for whom Salim and Salman family are spending millions of rupees for the wedding is infact adopted by Salim khan following the death of her homeless mother living on the footpath.
Salim khan does not like spending money or wasting it on weddings. In fact they are spending more money than all weddings in their family combined for Arpitas wedding alone. Wow.

Arpita liked the Falaknuma palace and just because Salman heard that she likes it he booked the entire palace hotel for 2 crores….
Just for Arpitas happiness salman made friends with Shahrukh, he went to his house personally to invite him. (Now how many of us would forgive ur foe for the sake of a adopted homeless sister???)

I believe they were in dire straits when they adopted Arpita. After taking her in, their fortunes rose. Salman became a super star, money came to the family.

What is even more amazing is that they did not change her religion. She was even married off as a Hindu. Hats off to these guys !!!

So much about this I can say. ….
Long story short, Salim khan has really taught his kids to have a large beautiful heart.
Hats off to Salim n salman khan family.