Salute to all the Fathers

How important
is a father in one’s life?

Mothers are the Soul of our homes… whereas fathers are their very existence.

But have we ever given much thought to the nature of this

Little is written or said about fathers, even though we understand their value in our lives.

We hardly ever hear anyone talk about fathers. ..
Mothers are made of an ocean of tears. Fathers are a wall of self-control.

Mothers relieve their pain through tears, fathers only console, and it is harder to console than it is to cry.

Surely the candlestick is hotter than the flame, yet
it is always the flame which gets the praise.

We remember mother as the one who took care of our daily needs, yet how easily we forget the father, who arrange finances for daily needs!

Mothers can cry uncontrollably in public, n fathers sob in their pillow at night.

Mothers are allowed to cry; fathers can never be seen in tears.

We can notice the patches on his shoes. His tattered vest is a sure sign of the struggle he gone through. His unshaven beard is a sign of his frugality. He will buy new pairs of expensive jeans for his children, while an old pair of pyjamas will do for him.

While children don’t blink an eyelid when they spend 1000’s of Rs in a beauty parlour or salon, yet in their own home, a father may be using talcum soap to shave because his shaving cream is finished, or he might be shaving
in just water.

When father is ill, he does
not rush to the doctor. He does not fear his illness
but is afraid in case the doctor tells him to rest for a month, as there will be no other bread earner in the family.

Whether he can afford it
or not, he works hard to get his son admitted to an
engineering or medical course.
Despite the shortage of funds he send money regularly to his child at university even some children go on a gala spending spree on the same day the money arrives.

Father is the existence of the
home. The home is secure from outsiders when a father, in the form of its manger, is alive. He holds the position of the chief executive of the household. He sees, repairs and cares for jobs around the house.

When you announce your exam results, it seems that mother is the closest person to you because she takes you in her arms, praises you and blesses you, but no one notices the father who quietly slips away to the sweet shop to get sweets to distribute among family and friends…

Salute to all the Fathers