Rahul Gandi Arnab Interview Jokes

RaGA Special! Hilarious!!!
Before Interview
SG: Arnab, Go easy on him okay?

After interview
SG: Arnab, WTF!!
Arnab:Madam isse easy nahi hoga

Arnab: What is the capital of India?

RaGa: India is a good country, & we want to make all the cities Capital.


Arnab: What came first? The chicken or the egg??

RaGa: We want to empower the chicken and give RTI to the egg. 


BREAKING: Mira Kabir to file a case is SC against Arnab & timesnow under Juvenile Law for harassing a minor


Rahul Gandhi’s interview reminded me of the Azharuddin days. Commentator: How is the pitch? Azhar: The boys played well


Sonia: How was the interview beta?
Raga: Mom, I prepared for history exam and Arnab took math’s.


AG: How are the 1984 and 2002 riots different?
RG: Yes, they are different… because they are not same..


Now even if BJP wins the Lok Sabha Elections, the credit will go to RahulG only.


Arnab: How do you deal with failures?
Pappu: I have been failing even in my school exams. this is nothing new.


Arnab: We should really fix the issue of corruption!

Rahul: Yes, I will get DR. FIXIT tomorrow itself.


Arnab: What do u think about Gujarat riots?
Rahul: Modi was responsible
A: How do u know?
R: Women should be empowered


G1: RaGa spoke so well about women empowerment ya
G2: Yes babe!!

G2: Deedi, Women empowerment?
G1: Pagli, gym join karne bol raha hai


Arnab Goswami: Rahul Gandhi, what is 2+2?

Rahul Gandhi: 4 women should be empowered.