Men Will Always Be Men

 Men will always be Men – Once a group of men decided to go for Tirth Yatra. Their guide explained to them that they might see some ladies taking bath and they should not get distracted at all. When they see anything like that, they should just say HARI OM and move on. Next day […] Continue reading →

The Scared Driver

 A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question. The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the footpath, and stopped centimeters from a shop window. For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever […] Continue reading →

Whatsapp Pledge: व्हाट्सअप प्रतिज्ञा

 व्हाट्सअप प्रतिज्ञा व्हाट्स अप माझे घर आहे.. सगळे व्हाट्स अप युजर माझे मित्र आहेत.. माझ्या व्हाट्स अप Account वर माझे प्रेम आहे.. माझ्या व्हाट्स अपच्या समृद्ध आणि विविधतेने नटलेल्या.. Profile चा मला अभिमान आहे.. त्या Profile ला Like होण्याचीपात्रता माझ्या अंगी यावी म्हणून मी चोवीस तास Online राहण्याचा प्रयत्न करीन.. मी माझ्या पालकांना, गुरुजनाना आणि […] Continue reading →

God Talks About the Balance in the World

 God was in the process of creating the universe. And he was explaining to his subordinates ‘Look everything should be in balance. For example, after every 10 deer there should be a lion. Look here my fellow angels…. Here is the country of the United States . I have blessed them with prosperity and money. […] Continue reading →

Adult Jokes: BF and GF on Whatsapp

 Bf texting to his Gf… Hey baby..what’s up.? Gf- Nothing much just washing my BOOBS Bf- What.! Gf- Yeah. They have become very dirty. People are all over them most of the time .. Bf- What the hell.. Gf- Why..??? Ohhhh fuck.. Sorry baby!!!! I meant BOOTS … Damn this Automatic dictionary is on!!!! Continue reading →