New Alok Nath Jokes

Aloknath doesn’t give bribes at government offices……he offers dowry.

Alok Nath once entered Pizza Hut & started ringing the bell continuously. He was stopped by people explaining it is not a temple.

AlokNath ‘s perfect PARTY idea: Antakshri with family, Passing the pillow game with Samdhan Ji followed by Ram Katha and Kirtan.

Aloknath Once Gave IIT Exam….. Now That Exam Is Called as IIT – JEE !

Alok Nath only saw this season of Big Boss. Kyunki Big Boss saath 7 hai

AlokNath never went to southern most part of India because he doesn’t like his Kanyas Kumari

Alok Nath is father to so may betas and betis that when his family decides to go on vacation they book an entire train !!

Alok Nath’s wildest fantasies involve a harmonium and Reema Lagoo.