Make the best sentence using the words ‘liver’ and ‘cheese’.”

Three guys at a cafe, drinking their coffee – an American, an Afro-American, and a Chinese .

They see an attractive waitress and make a bet on who can get her to go out with them first.

The waitress overhears,

“Hey, I heard you talking about me.

Well, I only like smart guys, so let’s see who can make the best sentence using the words ‘liver’ and ‘cheese’.”




So the American guy goes, “That’s easy. I love liver and I hate cheese.”

The waitress shakes her head in disgust.
The black guy goes, “Well, I hate liver and I love cheese.”
The waitress is like, “That is so stupid!” 
Then the Chinese guy steps up and puts his arm around the waitress’ waist, looks at the other two and says, 
“Liver alone, cheese mine’