Life’s Small Prizes

Little senti but true….. Most of us miss out life’s big prizes๎ƒ
Best Job..
1st rank..

But we are all eligible for life’s small prizes๎–

๎„A hug from best friend…

A short sleep on mum’s shoulder…

A glorious sunset…

A chat wid one we have crush on…

A dance in rain… ๐Ÿ™‚

An icecream in winter..

A silent night on the terrace…

Finding money in old jeans…;)

๎ˆA slow night walk on a empty road wid the person who care..:)

๎ฆthinking of forwarding this msg to your frndz..;)

On each point you smiled,,,๎”
coz its
“sooo true ”

In d memory of our times

*When d most popular games were
“raja mantri chor sipahi”

*when d best delights were

“aam papad “,
“orange candy”,

*when we wer nt allowed 2 watch late nite

when decision were made by “akkad
bakkad bambey bow”

*when while playing cricket, rule wer

“ghar me jana out, aur jo marega wahi
lekar aayega”

*When d best defensive dialogues were

kehta hai wahi hota hai” ๎™&
“same 2 u, no return”
childish bt awesome uncountable