Latest Rajnikant Jokes


Why does the needle of a Magnetic compass always point North? Because Rajnikant lives in south & nobody dares to point at him…!

People Update Status Via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Etc.. Rajnikant Updates Status Via Calculator…

Reporter to Rajnikant: how many jokes have been made on you till now?
Rajni: only 2 or 3.
Reporter: only 2 or 3?
Rajni: enna RASCALA! Rest all are facts!

Rajnikanth’s dog’s house has a signboard on it, saying..
Maalik Se Sawdhan!

Once Rajnikant Decided To Race With Time.. & The Result Is Time Is Still Running

Rajnikant participated in 1000 m race and obviously he came first But EINSTEIN died after watching that Coz … LIGHT came second…..

Galileo used ‘Lamp’ to Study, Graham bell used ‘Candle’ to study, Shakshpeare studied in ‘Street lights’ But …..
Do u know about Rajnikant……????
Only Agarbatti

When Rajnikant was a student! You can’t guess this one…
Teachers used to bunk!

While playing once Rajnikant said “statue” to a girl… Now that Statue is know as “Statue of Liberty”

Rajinikanth’s calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd,
no one fools Rajnikant.

Once Rajnikant was playing cricket in the monsoons…. and …. The rain was cancelled due to the match.

One day Rajnikant gone 4 morning walk & in afternoon police arrstd him..
WHY? Bcoz he reachd USA witout visa

Why did british leave India in 1947? Bcoz. they came to know Rajnikant was going to be born in 1948…

This Msg. is being Sent in the Interest of Humanity-“Guys Please Stop making Jokes on Rajnikant or else he will Delete the INTERNET