India on Mars whatsapp jokes and forwards

Now moon will be relieved as lovers can also say now ” Priye, mi tuzya saathi Mangal pan aanayla tayyar aahe”…

Now tht we r finally on mars native planet to men  I hope we can discover the secret to understand our  man .Congrats girls.*Now I can say Surly Acche deen aane Wale haine*


Dear All,
When our cricketers win a tournament the entire country celebrates! What the scientists have achieved today is much greater than that. Take 5-10 mins today in school, colleges, at work and celebrate their success. The scientists deserve it equally if not more than cricketers!! Jai Hind!!
ISRO created history by total travelling distance 68 crore km & total cost is 454 crore . Tht makes ₹ 6.67 cost per km. Still less than indian auto rickshaw charge per km



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