General Fact Jokes

Who are lizards?

Awesome answer
by a kid….

They are
those poor crocodiles who forgot to have Horlicks when they were young


What is a Pizza..?

Awesome answer:

A Pizza.. is just a Paratha that went abroad
for higher education !


What is the similarity between Media And Wife ?
Jab tak ek hi baat 100 baar na bata de, dono ke dil ko sukoon hi nahi milta…


…Husband: Have a Nice Day 
Wife: don’t tell me what to do…


What’s the best example of “once in a lifetime opportunity?
A mosquito sitting on your wife’s face.:


Ladkiyon ki aadhi zindagi husband ki “Talash” me.. Aur baki aadhi.. Husband ki “Talaashi” mein guzar jati hai.. 


Aaj  ka  SUVICHAR ….
“BADAAM khaane se utni
          Akkal  nahi aati” …
“Jitni shadi ke bad
          Aati hai… ” 


Kashmir aur wife mein kya samanta hai-

Ans. Waise to dono h samasya hai… par padosi nazar daale to gussa aata hai…