Dad u Got called to School

Day 1

: Dad u got called to school
: Y wat happened?

: Math teacher asked me wat is 7×9 n I answered 63
: And…
: Then she asked wat is 9×7..
: Wats the fucking difference?
: That’s exactly wat I said

Day 2:
: Dad did u come to school?
: Nope
: OK good cuz the gym teacher wants u to com too..
:  Wat happened now?
: Well first he asked me to raise my right hand, then my left hand, then my left leg and then my right leg….
: So wat did u have to stand on your dick now?
: that’s exactly wat I said too..

Day 3
: Were you in school dad?
: No y?
:  I got expelled..
: Wat the hell happened son?
: Well I got called to d princy ‘s office and the math teacher, gym teacher and art teacher was thr..
: Wat the fuck was the art teacher doin thr?
: Thats exactly wat I asked