Collection of Random Jokes

Lord Ganesha had two wives Riddhi and Siddhi….
Most men have one…. Ziddi…
National food of India —- “KASAM”
Sab khaaté hain….
“If the loser smiles after losing the game, the winner loses the thrill of his victory”!!
That’s the power of Smile !!
Behind every Successful Man there is a Woman……
Because Women don’t run behind Unsuccessful Men!!
‘Sympathy’… You can get from Anybody —
But..! ‘Jealousy’… You have to Earn it!
Drink 5 cups of milk and try to push the wall ….
And then drink 5 cups of alcohol and watch …. It’ll move on its own!!
Wife: Aapko meri khoobsurati zayada achi lagti hai ya aqalmandi?
Husband: Mujhey to tumhari ye mazaaq ki aadat bahut achi lagti hai..
Only 3 living beings are immune to cold on earth:
1. Polar bears
2. Penguins
3. Females wearing sleeveless & backless at marriages in India !
Promises are like babies!!
Fun to make but Hell to deliver…
Getting bored??? Need some adventure in life?
Go to a stranger’s wedding and scream…. ‘Don’t marry dear…. I still love you’!
Insaan sub se zyada maafi kis ké saamané mangta hai?
Guess, guess!
Bihkari ke saamné —- “Maaf karo Baba”
One economical thought:
‘The best line which helps you save money when going for dinner with your girlfriend- . . . “Bol kya khayegi MOTI?”