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Students and Classroom Jokes

15 Ways to make friends at a new school

Whether you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood or simply moved up in grade from one school to another, making friends at a new school is always challenging. 1- Be friendly Smile, make eye contact and talk to everyone, don’t limit your friendliness to one specific type of student. 2- Be interested in others Be […] Continue reading →

Terrible English by PT sir

Terrible English by PT sir: 😁😁 1) There is no wind in the football.. 😆 2) I talk, he talk, why you middle talk?. 😝 3) You rotate the ground 4 times.. 😳 4) You go and understand the tree. :oops::oops: 5) I’ll give you clap on ur cheeks.. 😓 6) Bring your parents and […] Continue reading →

A teacher at the school

On a clean slate ‘And we never write anything negative”, says…..a teacher at the school. “Even if there is scope for improvement, it is put across in a positive manner”   Dear Parent, We are delighted to inform you that your child displays remarkable initiative. Not for him the simple-minded obedience to teachers. We refer […] Continue reading →