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English Riddles

Crack this mystery!!!

On 28th april, 2015 (Tuesday) a robber went to rob a bank. He threatened to kill the cashier if he didn’t open the vault. The cashier told that the vault is not opened with keys like in old days but by a password. You can’t kill me since I am the only one who knows […] Continue reading →

Game time. ..

Reply is a must😂😂😂😂 Everyone try.. GAME TIME find your birthday month!! January : I need February: I killed March: I love April: I raped May: I Slapped June: I Hugged July: I played with August: I jumped on September: I Drunk with October: I spit on November: I slept with December: I kissed Pick […] Continue reading →

Probability Problem: Three Ants on a Triangle

There are three ants on a triangle, one at each corner. At a given moment in time, they all set off for a different corner at random. What is the probability that they don’t collide? . . . . . . . Answer: There are two methods through which we can solve this problem. Method […] Continue reading →