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Racist Jokes

Negro wanted to go to a fancy dress party

A Negro wanted to go to a fancy dress party He told his Punjabi friend to get him a costume. Punjabi gets a snowman suit. Negro: U bloody Indian have u seen a black snowman! Get me another one. Punjabi gets a santa suit.!! Negro: U bloody Indian! have u ever seen a black santa! […] Continue reading →

Gujrati jokes: Dr Ni Maa Ben kya chhe

Bapu hospital ma jor jor thi bumo padta hata: Dr Ni Maa Ben kya chhe ?? Mare urgent Kaam chhe… Dr Ni Maa Ben kya chhe ?? Mare urgent Kaam chhe!!! Ek Nurse ae aavi ne Bapu ne 1 Lafo maryo ane boli: Sarkhu bolo ne ke Dr. NEEMA BEN kya chhe? Continue reading →


BIHAR DRIVING LICENSE FORM: DRAIVING LAICENSE APPLIKASON PHARM: Note: Please do nat soot the person at the applikason kounter. He bill gib you license.. For phurthar instruction, see botom pharm. (Please check karrect opson.) 1. Last Name: ◻ Sinha ◻ Pandey ◻ Misra ◻ Yadav ◻ Dont knowing 2. Phirst Name: ◻ Ramprasad ◻ Lallan […] Continue reading →


*BANIYA COLLECTION* 1. Baniya: Yeh banana kaise diya? Shopkeeper: 1Rs. Baniya : 60 Paisa ka deta hai? S.K: 60 paise mein to sirf chhilka milega. Baniya : Le 40 paise, chilka rakh aur kela de de. 2. Baniya on his deathbed. My wife, where r u ? Wife: Yes, I’m here My sons daughters r […] Continue reading →

TRUE and Unmistakable characteristics of a true Gujarati

I don’t whether this is Right. Not meet any until recently u would enjoy this Ekdum superb chhe! TRUE and Unmistakable characteristics of a true Gujarati: 01. Every autowala, taxiwala, grocerywala is ‘Kaka’. 02. gujju never go to Office, they go to Hoffis! 03. The first rule of money – never use your own! 04. […] Continue reading →

2 men from Kerala get onto a bus in New York

This is just awesomeeeeee……2 men from Kerala get onto a bus in New York. They sit down & engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting next 2 them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears 1 of them say the following: “Emma comes first. Den I come. Den two […] Continue reading →

Jigna Jignesh Love Story

Jigna: ” I am having heart surgery today” Jignes: ” I know Jigna: I love you Jignes: I love you more, much more After surgery, she wakes up n sees only her father besides her Jigna asked her father ” where is jignes”??? Father: U dont know who gave you the heart? Jigna: What ? […] Continue reading →


AMERICAN LIFE STYLE.. —————————— DAUGHTER: Sorry Dad, I got married yesterday.. Forgot to invite U.. DAD: U naughty girl.. It’s Ok.. But Don’t forget next Time. Continue reading →

Gujju Love Letter

Gujju english love letter: Mari deer Pusspa ben, U r que tea, luv lee, sack sea, on nest, a tract thief, cheer fool, soup pub & u r very press yes.. Tharo lower, Come less bhai Continue reading →