A popular bar had a new robotic bartender Installed

A popular bar had a new robotic bartender installed, who could not only serve drinks efficiently but also converse with the customers intelligently on a variety of topics. A guy came in for a drink and the robot asked him, “What’s your IQ?” The man replied, “160.” Robot said: hmm, Scientist? Man replied: Yup, Astrophysicist

The official Barber of Politicians Asking Unbelievable Questions

This  one is awesome!!!  While cutting hair, the official Barber asked the Minister Kapil Sibal, ‘’What’s this Swiss Bank issue?” Kapil Sibal shouted, “YOU, are you cutting hair or conducting an inquiry?” Barber: Sorry Sir, I just asked. Next day, while cutting the hair, he asked President Pranab Mukherjee, “Sir, what’s this Black

Election 2014 jokes

Rahul Gandhi praying for the rain on the 16th May so that results will be decided by Duckworth Lewis method  प्रकृति का उलटफेर देखिए…. पहले “मौन” था अब “नमो” है …….. Shadi shuda logo se nivedan hai 16th ka intezaar na kare, modi ki ho ya rahul ki, gharpe biwi ki hi sarkar rahegi