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Height of frustrated professional life….

Height of frustrated professional life…. HR: kaha gaye the? :evil::evil: Employee: Baal katwaane 😮😮. HR: office hours me? :evil::evil: Employee: Baal badhe bhi toh office hours me he hain na 😠😠 HR: Ghar me rehte ho, tabhi bhi toh badhte hai na tumhare Baal :evil::evil::evil: Employee: Haa to Takla thodi na kiya hai, jitne office […] Continue reading →

📬 Height of JOB satisfaction🔆

📬 Height of JOB satisfaction🔆 🔹A boy was appointed as a Receptionist in a Girls hostel. 🔹After 2 months the owner called the boy and said, Why haven’t you come to collect your salary? Boy: Oh my god! SALARY bhi hai😱!!! 😜. Continue reading →

What is a Corporate life?

What is a Corporate Life? 1.  I learnt to operate 3 critical machines *         Scanner *         Printer *         Xerox Machine 2.  I learnt to use 3 High End Software: *         Microsoft Word *         Microsoft Excel *         Microsoft PowerPoint 3.  I learnt to use 3 great short cuts:- *         Ctrl+C *         Ctrl+V *         Ctrl+S 4. I […] Continue reading →