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Management lessons from Gabbar Singh

Management lessons from Gabbar Singh … Gabaar was a management guru as is reflected in some of the timeless management lessons he delivered thru the movie Sholay   1. Jo darr gaya samjho mar gaya … Courage and enterprise are important factors for laying the successful foundation of a growth oriented business 2. Kitne admi the […] Continue reading →

P.K.फिल्म की कहानीपीके

AA फिल्म की कहानी पीके (आमिर खान) एक एलियन है, जिसे धरती पर इसलिए भेजा जाता है ताकि वो उन जैसे दिखने वाले लोगों के बारे में पता लगा सके, लेकिन धरती पर कदम रखते ही पीके का लॉकेट जिसे वो रिमोट कंट्रोल कहता है, एक आदमी चुरा लेता है। रिमोट के बिना वो अपने ग्रह […] Continue reading →

All new Alia Bhatt Joke Collection

Alia Bhatt – Safola oil toh de diya bhaiya. Is kee sath ka gift nahi diya. Shopkeeper –  Isske sath koyi gift nahi hai. Alia – Ullu matt banao isme likha hai “Cholesterol Free” Varun – How many apples can you eat on an empty stomach? Aliya – I can eat 6 apples. Varun – […] Continue reading →

Story of Arpita Khan (Salman Khans sister)

There was a lady beggar, on footpath..she was very very ill…a person used to walk daily and give food to that lady,she had a little daughter. Then one day when that man was on his regular walk,he saw that ..lady was no more,she died and her little daughter was crying….he just held the hand of […] Continue reading →