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English Husband Wife Jokes


IF U R IN LOVE: – Make the best of it. – Don’t doubt anythng. – Enjoy it bcoz nothing lasts 4ever. IF U JUST BROKE UP: – Don’t cry! Remembr that u had a gud time. – Nvr stay alne! Ur friends are Der. – Hug more people. – Stop listening to sad music! […] Continue reading →

New Drugs For MEN Created By WOMEN Scientists

New Drugs For MEN Created By WOMEN Scientists… ANIVERSIA: Triggers Memories for Birthdays and Anniversaries. SLIMOXIL: Widens Male Cornea Making Wives Appear Slim. SPORTOBLIND X: Reacts With optic Nerve To Prevent Men From Recognizing The Word “Sports” On TV. WORKOCETAMOL: Generates an Insatiable Desire In Men To Do Household Chores. SHOPHOFOBEX: Makes Men Eager To […] Continue reading →

Missing Wife

Man: I lost my wife! Inspector: What is her height? Man: I never noticed. Inspector: Slim or healthy? Man: Not slim, can be healthy. Inspector: Colour of the eyes? Man: Never noticed. Inspector: Colour of hair? Man: Changes according to season Inspector: What was she wearing? Man: Saree/suit. I don’t remember exactly. Inspector: Was somebody […] Continue reading →

10 Gurumantras for a cool life

10 Gurumantras for a cool life 1. Money is not everything. There’s also Mastercard & Visa. 2. One should love animals. They are tasty too. 3. Save water. Drink on the rocks. 4. Fruits/Salads are healthy. So leave it for sick. 5. Books are holy. So don’t touch them. 6. Don’t shout in the class. […] Continue reading →