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A different take on dusshera

A different take on dusshera Dear Ravana…..Every year, on this day, we celebrate the victory of good over evil….But..technically….your behaviour should be re-classified from “Evil” to “Slightly Naughty”. After all, tumne kiya hi kya thha? I agree you kidnapped a lady in haste… But.. after that…you gave her more respect we normally give to women […] Continue reading →

Meaning of Dussehra

Dasha Hara is a Sanskrit word which means removal of ten bad qualities within you: Kama vasana (Lust) Krodha (Anger) Moha (Attachment) Lobha (Greed) Mada (Over Pride) Matsara (Jealousy) Swartha (Selfishness) Anyaaya (Injustice) Amanavta (Cruelty) Ahankara (Ego) It’s also known as Vijaydashmi means Vijaya of Dashmi. 🍀🍀🍂🍂Happy Dussehara to you and your family 🍀🍀🍂🍂 Continue reading →

The colors for 2015 Navratri

The colors for 2015 Navratri are Pratipada – 13th October 2015 (Tuesday) – Red Pratipada – 14th October 2015 (Wednesday) – Royal blue Dwitiya – 15th October 2015 (Thursday) – Yellow Tritiya -16th October 2015 (Friday) – Green Chaturthi – 17th October 2015 (Saturday) – Grey Panchami – 18th October 2015 (Sunday) – Orange Sashti […] Continue reading →