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Funny funny story

Very touching story… A man purchased an Enfield Bullet 350cc.. So that he could take his girlfriend for long drives. But unfortunately, he was not able to talk to his girlfriend while riding on it because of the loud bullet sound. He got fed up and sold his bullet and brought Honda Activa. After sometime, […] Continue reading →

Which Bird does not make a nest?

Absolute Classic!!! The guy is on his final question for 5crore on ‘KBC’, and has one lifeline left, ‘Phone A Friend’, And the Question was… “Which Bird does not make a nest?” 1: Sparrow 2: Swallow 3: Blackbird 4: Cuckoo The guy is not sure, so he calls his girlfriend. She answers, “Stupid, it’s obviously […] Continue reading →

Classic Misunderstanding

Classic misunderstanding…. Girl: Hey, Happy Birthday! Boy: Thankx! Girl: So, BP kab de rahe ho? Boy: Pen drive toh de…. Girl: Arre , I mean Birthday Party….  ————————- Girl calls Boy “Ghar pe koi nai hai. Aa jaao, Aish karenge” Boy (shocked) “Abhi to tere saath 2 baar kar ke lauta hu?” Girl: Oh, […] Continue reading →

My first love letter on whatsapp

My first love letter on what’s app Maari deer Pusspa,                 U r q tea, luv lee, sack sea, on nest, a tract thief, cheer fool, soup pub & u r very press yes..                        Tharo lowr,                               Oguess Continue reading →