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18 Acts Of Animal Kindess That Will Warm Your Heart

February 17th is National Act Of Kindness Day! In celebration of National Act Of Kindness Day, here are fifteen adorable acts of animal kindness. If these acts of kindness don’t inspire you to do good, I don’t know what will. These animals giving each other a helping hand is almost too cute to handle. Continue reading →

Tinder in India

Tinder In India is a film about Tinder in, um, India. From stories of single people talking about the difficulties of meeting single men in Indian cities. From accounts and stories of dates people went on and the men they met. We’ve made up some of it, but some of it are real men out […] Continue reading →

Spider in Dubai

Info: Check out these crazy stunts performed on high rise rooftops! Occurrence Date: November 30, 2015 Location: Dubai, UAE Info From Licensor: “Spider-Man in Dubai, the guys are doing incredible stunts.” Continue reading →

World’s most elaborate soda machine requires 175 steps!

This has to be the most complicated and coolest ways to get your Coca-Cola! User Berlagawesome spent 140 hours (over 3 months) in total putting this video together with the coke dispenser failing 114 times before he finally got it to work. There are 175 steps and many of them are multi-use elements. It’ll definitely […] Continue reading →