Basic Tips for Navratri

Basic Tips for Navratri By

1. Navratri or the 9 nights are the most powerful days in the cosmic energy or universe. This is the time for deep relaxation for the self.

2. Eat less & on proper time. Do not overeat or leave food completely. It is just a scientific process of relaxing your stomach and keeping it light so that mind can relax more.

3. Do more and more of chantings, pranayams and meditation atleast twice a day. The meditation done in these days bear a lot of fruit and bring deep relaxation.

4. Talk the least. Its not important to go fully in silence but cut the talks to the minimum and be with yourself more and more.

5. Keeping your body clean – Daily bath and clean clothes. Even our clothes carry the energy of the previous day impressions. :
—-Sri Sri