All the bad effects of whatsapp and messaging services

I want to thank all my friends who have forwarded chain messages to me in 2012 & 2013 and still continuing..


1- I stopped eating the tasty kurkure after I heard that it has plastic in it.

2- I stopped going to movies for fear of sitting on a needle infected with Aids.

3- Forwarded hundreds of messages but still waiting for free balance.

4- I smell like a rotten egg since i stopped using deo’s because they cause cancer.

5- I also donated all my savings to a 7 year old poor girl who was about to die in hospital about 700 times.

6- Made 100 wishes before forwarding God s pictures & etc by now most of those ‘wishes’ are already married.

7- I have stopped drinking Frooti as every six-months, one worker having AIDS dies in the Parle factory & his blood gets mixed in the Frooti.

8- Every week Chairman & Falaana- Dheekna Director of Whatsapp  send SMS to forward to 8 person in contact list if not my whatsapp will be charged or Icon will not become Blue. I have not forwarded sms, still my whatsapp is FOC (free of cost).

9-If I don’t take Your calls sometime, assume that my mobile is charging & I am fear of getting Burnt if I talk at time when mobile is charging. Bcoz every alternate days it is fixed sombody died of this as infomed in chain SMS.

Now if you don’t send this message to your friends in next 10 seconds, a Coconut will Fall on Your Head tomorrow. 😛😛😛