A dare is waiting for you: Pick a Number

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A dare is waiting for you
Choose a number between 1 to 30 if u hv guts

When they reply with  a number, here’s what you send them as per the number

1. Ignore me for a day
2. things love abt me
3. give me sum Nyc gift
4. Gve me 10 5star
5. rechrge my cell wid rs. 200
6. b my slave for 1 day
7. Tell me 1 thing u neva tld me b4
8. 8Th pic in ur album
9. Voice note me a kiss
10. Tell me abt ur 1st love
11. How do u describe me?
12. Send. ur latest pic
13. 1 pizza
14. Take a picture of ur self and send it to me
15. Send me d picture of ur tongue
16. Voice note me a song
17. Just ignore ur list and talk to me
18. Call me
19. Tell me ur crushes name
20. Write my name on ur statz
21. Gft meh my fav chocolate
22. Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud
23 .go to hell
24. Put d first letter of ur crushes on ur statz
25. Tell me d name of person whom u hate most
26. Tell me wat u hate most
26. Tell me wat u luv most
27. Tell me d name of ur luv
28. Tell me ur deepest secret
29. Give me fancy wrist watch
30. Give urself a dirty slap