Please Akash Ambani kiss my Hyundai I 20 from behind

Dear Mr. Mukesh Ambani,

I am a proud owner of a 2011, Hyundai I 20. Although the car is in good condition it’s old and my family thinks it’s outlived it’s life.

It’s their constant nagging which prompted me to write this mail to you. I know your sense of largesse and your kind heartedness.

If only you could ask your son, Akash to kiss my Hyundai I 20from behind I shall be obliged. Please ask him to gently dash my car with his favourite maserati or Porsche(as the Aston Martin is out of service)
I don’t mind being flung on the other side of the divider and still survive. However,  if the accident is fatal I know a few of my generations to come will be insured by you.

You be rest assured that in the identification parade by the cops I will certainly recognize the portly driver you ask me to do in place of Akash. There will be no case and Akash will be free to zoom across the city like he always does.

One last request. I would like an upgrade to an Audi Q7 as that’s what my kids demand.  As for my lips they shall always remain sealed.

True to the spirit of karlo duniya muthi mein


A true mumbaikar